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So you've got the paleo diet bug and are looking for some great paleo recipes?

Me too! I started going almost exclusively paleo a few months ago and I feel great. My allergies are better, I've lost weight, my GERD (heartburn) is practically nonexistent (I used to take prilosec every day for the last 15 years!) and I just feel healthier. It really makes so much sense. Its hard to argue why you shouldn't eat entirely paleo as well. Sure, it takes some adjustment and things like eating out become much more difficult. But that just gives you more of an excuse to buy lots of healthy, organic veggies, fruits and meats and going to town with that grill!

Paleo Recipes Cookbooks:

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everyday paleo

First of all, although the Paleo diet is a relatively new fad (well, except for those cavemen way back when), there are already a handful of good paleo cookbooks out there. I like making up my own paleo recipes or adapting other recipes by substituting paleo ingredients for any non-paleo ingredients. However, I'm also just starting to explore some of these books out there. When first starting a paleo diet, it can seem daunting coming up with good meals to cover every day without getting bored of the same old things. A good recipe book can help stimulate ideas and fill out your menu planning calendar so that you don't do a "woops" and forget a day and then give up and go to McDonald's instead (there is NOTHING even remotely paleo at Mickey D's!)!

One paleo cookbook that my wife picked up that I've liked a lot so far is Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook: Real Food for Real Life by Sarah Fragoso. I still have more to explore but I really liked the brined and sauced pork ribs and the pork and apple sliders. Let me know what you think of it!

My Own Paleo Diet-Friendly Grilling Recipes

Surprise! Many of the recipes on this very site are quite paleo since I don't generally grill grains or dairy or other paleo no-no's. Below, I've listed some of my favorites which are 100% paleo but if you check out the Grilling Recipes page there are many others that are either entirely paleo or which can easily be adapted to paleo if you make a few substitutions, like using olive or coconut oil when the recipe calls for butter and so on. Also, some things that you might typically think as non-paleo because they are served on a bun (like a burger, hot dog or brat) you can adapt by getting creative with other wraps like using lettuce leaves or other vegetables to serve on. It may sound weird at first, but once you try a burger on lettuce, your body may just thank you so much that you will quickly forget about that grain-filled bun!

Roast Leg of Lamb – this is a classic country French grill recipe for roast leg of lamb cooked on a fire pit rotisserie. I also give tips on how to cook it in your oven or grill. And what could possibly be more of a Paleo recipe than a big old leg of lamb roasted over a fire?! roast leg of lamb
Grilled Provençal Lamb Chops – this is a great, simple recipe for rosemary lamb which can be cooked on a grill, barbeque, firepit or even on an indoor grill. barbeque grill recipe
Grilled Leg of Lamb on a Bed of Thyme – Another Provençal classic, the bed of thyme infuses the meat with awesome flavors. Inspired by a traditional French recipe cooked in the oven, this barbeque grill recipe is really quite simple and yet results in glorious, savory, succulent lamb. grilled leg of lamb
Grilled Thyme Poussin - a delicious and simple barbeque grill recipe for grilling young chicken (poussin) with fresh thyme. Definitely a simple paleo recipe. outdoor cooking recipe
Spicy Grilled Skirt Steak - Skirt steak is an inexpensive option for grilled steak. But this is one of my favorite steak recipes of all! The spicy, rich flavors are thrilling and it is easy to make. skirt steak recipe
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks - What could be simpler or tastier than wrapping chicken in yummy bacon and smokin' it up to savory goodness?! My kids love these, but whether you have kids or not, I bet you can't just eat one! bacon wrapped chicken
Grilled Shrimp Recipe - Cilantro, lime and cumin are a perfect accompaniment to grilled shrimp and when you put them all together on this simple and quick grilled shrimp skewer recipe you get a delicious dish that will impress your family and friends! grilled shrimp recipe
Dry Rub BBQ Ribs Recipe - There are a lot of ways to cook BBQ ribs. This is one of my favorite basic dry rubs which is versatile and results in spicy, tangy grilled ribs that are so tender they are falling off the bone! bbq ribs recipe
Whole Grilled Fish - Nature knows what it is doing! One of the best ways to grill fish is to throw the whole fish, scales and all, directly on the grill! The skin and scales protect the flesh from burning and drying out, acting as a protective outer shell while the flesh steams in its own juices inside. It is then easy to peal of that charred scabbard and dig in to the delicious fish!
Grape-Leaf Wrapped Grilled Sea Bass Recipe - Wrapping fish filets is another great way to grill fish, protecting the tender flesh while allowing it to steam in its own juices. I made this recipe up based on other leaf wrapped recipes and it turned out great. It doesn't hurt to have a great filet of sea bass to start with, but frankly this was better than most fish you can order in a restaurant!
grill recipe One of my all time favorites is Fire Roasted Sweet Bell Peppers. The smoky flavor, complemented by the syrupy sweet sauce thrown off by the peppers as they cook is delicious!
endive recipe For some European flair, try some Grilled Endive (properly pronounced “On-Deeve”). The bold, slightly bitter flavor blends beautifully with the grill flavors.
grilled potato recipe This Grilled Potato Recipe is simple and delicious. I came up with it quickly the other day when i was grilling a nice leg of lamb and the pairing was great!
fiddlehead ferns recipe Did you know you can eat fiddlehead ferns? I didn't until a few years ago but now I love to grill up these spring delicacies. This barbeque grill recipe for fiddleheads uses some smokey bacon and garlic to spice up these crunchy and tasty treats.
grilled vegetable Foil-wrapped grilled vegetables stew gently in their own juices to create succulent, tender vegetables without drying out in the direct fire. This recipe is delicious, easy and never fails to impress the guests! Pretty soon you’ll be the grilling guru in your own household! Pair it with most any other barbeque grill recipes you find on these pages.
grilled vegetables recipe Organic Grilled Vegetables Recipe - Fresh, organic, healthy vegetables are beautiful, healthy and taste great raw, so why doctor them up and stew them to death? Just let their natural beauty and flavor shine through with this simple but fabulous way to prepare fresh veggies.
grilled mushrooms Grilled mushrooms are even better than regular mushrooms! Why? Because adding that smokey grill flavor just amps up the flavor of the already earthy flavor of the mushrooms. This recipe is also remarkably easy and quick to make.

I hope you enjoy some of these good paleo recipes from my website. If you have any favorite paleo recipe cookbooks please Contact Me and let me know so that I can check them out. Alternatively, if you have discovered or come up with any great paleo recipes, please share them with fellow visitors by uploading them (with pictures if available) to my Recipe Sharing Page!

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