Grill or barbeque, fire pit or even fireplace...
Cooking with Fire is Fun!

fire pit So is sitting around an outdoor fire pit to stay warm with ones we love!

There are two hard and fast facts that contribute to this conclusion:

1) Food cooked on fire or embers develop caramelization (that beautiful, dark, golden brown crust that you get on a nice piece of meat as it grills) which greatly enhances its flavors.

2) People love fire! Yes, admit it, there is a little bit of a pyro in each and every one of us. We love to start a fire, see it burn, and put things in it to see how it reacts. There’s nothing weird about that, you don’t have to be ashamed, fire is a beautiful and mysterious thing! And who can forget that it feels so good to sit around a warm fire on a cool evening?

Humans have been cooking with fire ever since Brog the Caveman first rubbed together a couple sticks, made a nice firepit and grilled his daily catch of saber-toothed tiger over it. Mmmm…

In all seriousness, cooking with fire, whether on a grill, in your kitchen, roasting over a fire pit, or even in your fireplace, is fun and results in unique dishes that are delicious and impressive to serve.

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firepitWhether you are a novice trying to fire up a Weber barbecue for the first time to cook up some weenies before the big game or a seasoned gourmet looking for some new tricks (like a whole pig roast or string-turned Provencal leg of lamb in your fireplace!), this site will help you to hone your skills in using an outdoor fire pit, your fireplace, a grill or even your stovetop indoor grill to make some tasty grilled food.

And for those “do it yourself” folks…I’ll even give you a few tips on how to build your own firepit or to cook over the ol’ campfire!

So get your tongs and spatulas ready! Pull up a seat close to the heat…the firepit and grilling guru is here to help!

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