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weber grill accessoryLooking for a Weber grill accessory? Weber makes grilling easy with great charcoal and gas grills. They make it even better with a huge range of grill accessories. Sure, you can get by with the barest essentials, but why suffer? Take your grill cooking to the next level with some of these great grill accessories.

In fact, there are too many accessories to discuss all of them here in detail. I am going to give you some tips on the Weber grill accessory items that I think are the most useful and unique to use with your Weber barbecue.

Weber Grill Accessories

  • Weber Poultry Roaster - This neat dish holds your chicken upright and you can fill the pan with beer, wine, or juice so that your roast bird is steamed and roasted to juicy perfection. Helps to avoid burning your poultry and prevents drying out.
  • Rib Rack - This rack holds whole racks of ribs or even other things like chicken pieces on their sides, freeing up valuable space on your grill's cooking surface.
  • Roast Holder - This Weber grill accessory is a wire basket which holds your roasts so that they can be easily transported to and from your grill while not getting in the way of perfect cooking and smoking.
  • FireSpice™ Cooking Woods - Weber has a line of both wood chunks (for longer cooking times, smoking or using as a fuel source) and wood chips (for shorter cooking times and quick supply of aromatic smoke). They have both in Hickory and Mesquite, adding diversity of flavors to your barbecued meals. These can be used both in charcoal grills and smokers as well as gas grills with a smoker box (see smoker attachment below).
  • Grill Covers - I strongly recommend every grill owner has one of this Weber grill accessory. Frankly, I don't know why all grills don't come standard with a cover. Are you listening Weber? Weber makes covers specially designed for each of their grill types, from kettle grills to large gas grills. Protect your investment and you will have many more years of grilling pleasure from your barbecue!
  • Weber Wok™ for Kettle Grills - This is a neat new Weber grill accessory that I love! It sits in your charcoal kettle grill in place of the grill grate. It is a Chinese style wok which allows you to cook stir fried Asian recipes outdoors and with a smokey charcoal heat source.
  • Weber Slide-Aside™ Lid Holder - Those big dome lids on Weber kettle grills can be a bit cumbersome. This Weber grill accessory attaches to the side of your grill and allows you to slide your grill lid to the side, holding it in place. This makes opening and closing your grill much easier! No more placing your grill lid on the floor!
  • Weber Chimney Starter - The Fire Pit and Grilling Guru is a huge fan of these charcoal starters! A chimney charcoal starter allows you to rapidly get your charcoal started without messy and toxic chemical lighter fluids. Simply light a few pieces of wadded up newspaper in the bottom of the chimney and in minutes your charcoal is ready to go! Many companies make chimney starters but Weber are my favorite because they are bigger than most other brands, so that you can get all the coal you need started right off the bat!
  • Grill Motorized Rotisserie - These are a welcome addition to the Weber grill accessory lineup! Weber now makes rotisserie systems that fit onto your grill. They even have one that fits on the charcoal kettle grills now! They have heavy-duty motorized rotisserie motors so that your turned roasts cook to juicy perfection. They have models that fit both their charcoal and various gas grill models.
  • Replacement Cooking Grates - Grill grates do get quite dirty and even rusty after a long time. Rather than struggling with scraping them, eventually you'll want to replace your grill grate. The nice thing about this is that they have hinged replacement grates so that you can lift up one side to access your charcoal, allowing you to tend your heat source or add coals during cooking.
  • Condiment Holder - This handy little accessory hooks onto the side of your grill and lets you hold your condiments, marinades or basting mixtures for easy access.
  • Charcoal Briquet Fuel Holders - These metal baskets hold two piles of charcoal neatly on either side of your charcoal grill. This Weber grill accessory is essential for ideal indirect heat grilling. Indirect heat allows you to grill larger roasts for extended periods of time, allowing the interior to cook fully before the exterior burns. This is great for roasting whole chickens, racks of ribs, tri-tips, or other large roasts.
  • Smoker Attachments for Gas Grills - One of the disadvantages to a gas grill is the lack of real wood smoke flavors and aromas that get into your food. You can alleviate this problem with smoking woods. These smoker boxes attach to the side of your gas grill near the side burner. You simply fill them with water-soaked wood chips or chunks (see above) and in a few minutes your grill will be filled with savory wood smoke aromas!
  • Weber Utensils - Of course, Weber also makes great cooking utensils to make grilling easier and faster. Everything including tongs, spatulas, barbecue forks, cleaning brushes and scrapers, fish turners, skewers, basting brushes and more! All made by Weber so you know they are perfect for grilling and for your Weber grill.
  • Other Weber Grill Accessory Items - As I said, there are so many Weber grill accessories that it would be impractical to discuss them all in depth here. Suffice to say that they have numerous other accessories including wireless meat thermometers, patio torches, side burners, fire-starters, cookbooks, barbecue mitts, and barbecue aprons.

Seems like a lot of stuff to think about, doesn't it? Don't get overwhelmed. Pick one Weber grill accessory that sounds fun to you and add it to your grill cooking repertoire. Before you know it, you'll be looking for more grilling tricks! Come back and the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru will have some new grilling suggestions to improve your outdoor cooking skills.

For info on where to find replacement grill parts, see our Weber grill part page.

The Fire Pit and Grilling Guru does not have any relationship with the Weber® grill company!

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