Steak Brands

Steak brands are a fun grill accessory and make a perfect gift for the grill lover in your life. A meat brand is a branding iron that is meant to sear letters or figures into your favorite cut of meat. You can get brands with initials, words, various iconic figures and images and even your favorite sports team logo! Many personalized logos and images can also be custom made into a brand. Inc. has many types of branding irons with various styles, fonts and images to choose from. From personalized branding irons to sports teams, they have a wide assortment. And ask them for custom brands if you don't see what you are looking for!

Here is a nice prime porterhouse being branded with my Firepit and Grilling Guru (FGG) brand!

steak brands

Cool, isn't it!

How do you use a brand?
Its simple! Just heat up the brand. I used a regular stove burner but you could also use a hand lighter. Or you can stick it into your gas or charcoal grill next to the heat for a while. Just be sure the brand gets nice and hot and don't touch your coals or you will get ash all over your steaks! Then simply push the hot iron into your meat (steak, pork, chicken, burger, whatever) and hold for a few seconds to let it sizzle away and brand the steak clearly. Then remove and voila!

So spice up your next BBQ party with a new brand!

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