Rotisserie for Gas Grill Barbecues

rotisserie for gas grill

A rotisserie for gas grill barbecues is a great way to cook succulent, juicy and evenly done roasts on your grill. A rotisserie holds larger roasts and slowly turns it so that it is evenly cooked throughout without burning. When cooking directly on a burner, larger roasts need to be frequently rotated and moved to ensure even cooking. A grill rotisserie does that work for you so that on part of the meat is not cooked more than other parts. Many gas grills these days come standard with a built in motorized rotisserie as seen above. Some of these even have an infrared burner specifically used for rotisserie cooking. They are also available as add-ons for other grills.

For tips on how to use a grill rotisserie, check out my Grill Rotisserie Cooking page!

Advantages of a Rotisserie for Gas Grill Barbecues

  • Avoids burning: Regular cooking on a grill involves putting your food directly on the grill surface above the heat source. While this is great for searing food or cooking smaller cuts of meat that only need to cook briefly, for larger roasts the surface can get charred black in the time it takes for the center to be cooked to your desired doneness. For these larger roasts that take a longer time to roast, a rotisserie for gas grill barbecues holds the roast up off the grill, further away from the heat source. With the grill lid closed, it cooks slowly in the ambient heat. Because it gets turned slowly, all sides get evenly cooked with a nice glazed surface and a juicy interior.
  • Even Cooking: The rotation of the rotisserie with the enveloping ambient heat and smoke leads to even cooking throughout your roast meat.
  • Less Work: To accomplish the same thing by indirect heat cooking or by manually turning and repositioning the meat frequently you work very hard and probably end up with worse results. A rotisserie is the easiest and most reliable to ensure that larger roasts are cooked evenly and perfectly.

How Do Grill Rotisseries Work?

Basically, your food is skewered on a large metal spit. It is held in place by rotisserie forks which secure to the spit, as seen above. While there are also manual rotisseries, most are motorized. The motor on one end slowly turns the spit so that your roast is rotated over the heat source. This means that all sides of your meat get evenly cooked, with a nice caramelized surface and a tender, juicy center. Because it holds the food up and away from the direct heat source, it avoids burning that can occur when your food is placed directly on the grill grate over your heat source, similar to Indirect Heat Grilling.

What Types of Recipes are Best for Rotisserie Cooking?

A rotisserie for gas grill barbecues are great for any larger roast that you want to cook slowly. Examples include whole poultry, leg of lamb, tri-tip roasts and whole tenderloin or prime rib roasts. Any number of recipes can be used, but I recommend making a nice basting mixture that you use to occasionally baste the rotating roast throughout the cooking process. This helps to create a nice even, caramelized glaze on the surface of the roast which is rich in flavor and delicious! A couple of example of great rotisserie cooked recipes include Tequila Lime Chicken and Roast Leg of Lamb.

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