The Primal and Paleo Diet

paleo diet

The Primal and Paleo Diet is a "new" yet old idea for a healthy, ideal diet. Short for the "paleolithic diet", the name refers to the bygone era back before civilization, before fast food joints, before markets and big farms, when we lived a simpler life, living off nature's bounty. Yes, back when we were cavemen. In fact, the diet or variations of it are also sometimes referred to as the Primal Diet, the Caveman Diet or the Stone Age Diet. In its barest essence, the paleo diet is about eating the way humans ate way back then, before our diet was corrupted and modified in all sorts of ways.

So what is the theory behind these diets? Evolution is a miraculous thing. It allows animals to adapt over time to new diets, environments, and more. Yet evolution typically takes a long time. By a long time I mean thousands to millions of years. While very small changes can occur on shorter time scales, major adjustments take a very long time. On this evolutionary time scale, modern human civilization and history is but a brief blink of an eye. In other words, while our exploration and understanding of the Earth and universe, our organization of society into complex civilizations and our technology have grown tremendously in the last several thousand years, our biology and bodies have not changed very much. So why shouldn't we still eat the way we ate way back then?

By the way, I don't intend to offend any vegetarians or vegans by my discussion of these diets. While meat is definitely a part of the caveman diet, there are other aspects to the theory behind these diets that can be applied to vegetable-only diets as well. So read on below!

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Learn More About the Theory Behind the Paleolithic Diet: Maybe the cavemen knew best!? Explore more about why this diet makes sense for modern humans and why it may just be the most natural type of diet you can choose.

What Exactly Is The Primal, Paleo and/or Caveman Diet? What kinds of foods are included in this diet? Here are some guidelines about what types of food our ancestors were likely to eat and which may still be an important part of our modern diets.

What is the Primal Diet and How Does It Differ from the Paleo Diet? The Paleo and Primal diets are just two variations on the theme of caveman type diets. Learn more about them and their differences here.

Paleo Recipes Want some ideas for recipes that fit within these types of diets? No problem, this is kinda a no brainer but here are some paleo recipes that I like and can get you started.

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