Inexpensive Alcohol Fire Pit

inexpensive firepit

inexpensive firepit

After considerable thought and research, I purchased 24 eight inch circular bricks from Lowes at $1.14 each, a bag of volcanic rock, and one bottle of Alcohol 90%.

Total cost $36.36.

The fire ring is 36 inches in diameter and 7 inches high.

You can use one or more empty tuna fish cans partially filled with 90% isopropyl alcohol for fuel. It puts out a beautiful flame but not a lot of heat, so it is more for appearance than keeping real warm. One pint of 90% alcohol will burn for approximately 1 hour. Using four tuna cans will produce a very nice fire.

(Safety Note From the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru: I have not tested the safety of lighting isopropyl alcohol in such a fire pit. Please use caution. This suggestion is entirely that of the submitter. Use of their suggestion should be on your own discretion. The Fire Pit and Grilling Guru will not be held responsible for any injuries or other damage caused by following these suggestions. Be safe!)

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