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I have assembled the 10 most important tips and topics (and more) that every griller needs to learn to get beyond being simply competent. These skills will get you from basic level to knocking on the door of us grilling masters. Learn how to grill now!

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Maybe you've never grilled before. Maybe you are new to grilling but realize there is so much to learn and accomplish. Maybe you have been grilling for years but sense that hollow feeling inside that tells you that you just don't know enough, that you are not near reaching your full potential.

"My husband has been wanting to learn to grill for years, so I bought him a grill for his birthday last year. Unfortunately, after a few less than perfect attempts it has sat mostly unused and just taking up space on our patio. I gave him your [the Firepit and Grilling Guru's] book and now he is out back every few days trying new things and it has all been great so far!"

Minneapolis, MN

Do you think there is a grilling guru lurking somewhere inside you? Well read on and you'll find your way to grilling nirvana, one step at a time!

I wasn't born a grilling master. No one is. But all of us are capable of grilling amazing foods. So many people make the same mistakes over and over that are so easy to avoid. I've seen it, and I can help you.

Are you making grilling mistakes? Find out!

Right here you have the key to 10 easy steps to improve your grilling dramatically. Even if you don't know the first thing about cooking on a grill, don't worry… you can learn how to grill in no time and join the ranks of us grilling gurus.

"Your ebook provides a thorough explanation of grilling that will get beginners off on the right foot, and gives more experienced grillers great tips for refining their technique. Nice job!"


Far too many people view grilling as a simple, Neanderthal way of cooking, limited only to boring hunks of meat. But although these roots of grilling are undeniable, there is so much more that is possible! From simple burgers to glorious gourmet creations, the grilling world is ready to open up before you. Grilling is not just boring burgers and hot dogs. Think beyond the bun! Don't sell your grill (or yourself!) short! If you open your mind you'll realize that grill cooking is every bit as gourmet as the best indoor cooking… maybe even more so!

What EVERY person with a grill
needs to know… first!

My eBook will take you through all the details and steps to get you to grilling heaven. Whether you've never used a grill before in your life or you just want to hone your techniques and broaden your repertoire, this book will give you the details in all the key areas to perfect your basic grilling skills.

The eBook includes dozens of photos and detailed how-to instructions to introduce you to all the finer points of using a grill to cook amazing food. Chapters like:

  • "Playing with Fire: How to Get Your Grill Hot"
  • "Smoking Is Good For You! Using Smoking Woods"
  • "Take It Slow With Your Meat: Mastering Indirect Heat Grilling"
  • "Master-Basting: Caressing Your Meat"

will enlighten you and will instruct you from the most basic level up through advanced skills and tricks. Learn how to grill now!

Bonus Material! If you buy now you will not only get the eBook, but you will get several great extras! In addition to the book itself, you will receive a special recipe book that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to cook some classic grilled foods. Learn how to cook the perfect steak, the perfect grilled chicken, the perfect burger… and more! As if that wasn't enough, you'll have exclusive access to videos that help demonstrate some of the skills taught in the eBook. These videos and and the recipe book are only available to those who buy my eBook!

All the details you need to learn how to grill or to improve your grill cooking are here. What are you waiting for? Don't let another weekend go buy without impressing your friends (and yourself) with your grill cooking!

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