Homemade Firepit & Grill.

by David Tadlock
(Honoraville, AL)

I built this firepit/grill from stuff I found laying around my property and what a neighbor let me have.

I had taken 2 old school bus rims that I had inverted one on top of the other and welded together. I also welded some heavy metal in the bottom of the pit. I set it in a level place away from any structures or power lines.

I took 16 standard masonry blocks and stagger-stacked them in a square around the rims. (8 per layer)

I then took 8 flat blocks and put them on top. It's important to make sure your blocks are staggered and level. It prevents them from rocking. The blocks and rims were a perfect height making them even and level across the top.

I found an old piece of expanded metal that was already cut that fit over the fire pit perfectly.

Because of air being drawn in the corners between the blocks and rims the blocks never got hot. I also didn't cement my blocks in case I wanted to move it or clean out from under and around the firepit.

We used skillets to cook our first meal on it instead of placing anything straight on the grill itself.

I hope this helps in making yourself a good grill/firepit.

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