Creative homemade fire pit ideas
Want to build a fire pit?

Do you want a cheap fire pit? Want to build a homemade fire pit but don't have many construction skills? A DIY fire pit is easy and cheap if you just get creative! Here you'll find interesting new ideas for how to build a fire pit without spending a lot of money and without a lot of work. If you get really creative you can even make a barbecue pit that you can grill food on!

Here's a creative fire pit that didn't cost a penny for the folks on this great farm!

homemade fire pit

  • Tractor Tire Rim Fire Pit - Yup! Its as simple as that! Find yourself a big rim from a tractor tire and lay it down on its side. Finding one might be a bit easier for you country folks. But if you live in the city, you can often find junk dealers or junk heaps where you can find an old rusty tire rim or buy one for dirt cheap. Just lay that rim down on its side on a non-flammable surface (concrete, gravel or dirt works fine). Surround it with large stones or bricks, what ever you have available, to keep it from moving around. If you are on a surface that you don't want to "blacken" then just lay down a piece of fire-resistant metal underneath first to protect your floor. Thats it! Throw in your wood and kindling and you'll have yourself a nice bon fire in no time! If you can find a grill grate that is slightly larger than the top of the tire rim, you can lay it on top and grill a delicious meal right on your cheap fire pit. Important note: if you are going to build a fire without a mesh lid to protect from flying embers which could ignite flammable materials nearby, make sure to place your fire pit far away from structures or trees which could catch fire!
  • Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit - One Fire Pit and Grilling Guru visitor told me that he made a fire pit out of the inside drum of a discarded washing machine. He simply buried it about 12 inches and placed stones around it and voila! a free, easy fire pit to enjoy! Getting creative like that is a perfect way to save money and still have a functional and fun outdoor fire pit.
  • cheap fire pit

  • Stone fire pit - The ultimate in cheap fire pits. If you have a big enough space and the area is free of flammable stuff, simply dig a small depression in the dirt or gravel, surround it with stones and throw in your firewood! Its as simple as that. Again, be sure there are no flammable materials around which could be ignited by the fire or flying embers. If you choose the size of your rocks well (you'll need big ones) and you make the size right, you can even lay a grill grate on top of your homemade fire pit to barbecue great food over your fire!

Can you think of other creative homemade fire pit ideas? The Firepit and Grilling Guru and my readers would love to hear and see your ideas!

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