The Whole Hog Rotisserie:
To Buy or To Build?

whole hog
Cooking pig on a hog rotisserie is a wondrous event. The sights and smells and grander of it all is fantastic. To do so you need a pig rotisserie which will hold and turn the weight of your large investment, that beautiful whole hog you have prepared and are going to roast slowly over coals or firewood. What type of rotisserie you use depends much on what type of whole pig you plan to cook. From a 10 lb. suckling pig to a 200 lb. beast, you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Here are some of the different options which can be used.

Types of Whole Hog Rotisserie

  • Large Whole Hog Rotisserie - One of the easiest and most functional ways to roast a whole pig is on a heavy duty pit rotisserie which was made specifically for that purpose. The rotisserie pictured above, called the SpitJack P150 Whole Hog Rotisserie or "The Beast", is specifically designed to hold large whole roasts such as pigs, lambs or goats. It is field tested up to 200 lb.! That means that just about any large animal can be safely and securely roasted on this heavy duty device which slowly turns your roast for you over your fire pit. This whole pig rotisserie is only available from SpitJack. They also produce an 85 lb. model and sell several other fire pit and rotisserie supplies and accessories.

    Whole pig rotisseries such as these are ideal because they are built to withstand high temperatures and significant weight. These are also nice because they are adaptable, allowing you to use the spit rotisserie over any type of fire pit with any type of fuel, charcoal or firewood. If you plan on cooking pig roasts regularly and want the best money can buy then these are a must!

  • Smaller Fire Pit Rotisseries for Suckling Pigs - For smaller roasts such as a true suckling pig (typically under 20 lb.) a smaller fire pit rotisserie can sometimes serve well. For example, these smaller rotisseries seen here, the Sojoe Rotisserie for the Sojoe Fire Pit and the Grizzly Spit Portable Rotisserie, both sold by SpitJack, both hold around 20 to 25 lb. comfortably. While they are not strong enough or large enough to roast a whole hog, these can be used for small suckling pigs beautifully. They set up over your existing portable or in-ground fire pit or campfire pit and the motorized spit perfectly roasts your smaller roasts. These are also ideal for other smaller roasts such as whole birds or leg of lamb.
  • Homemade Rotisserie - While certainly the cheapest option for a pig rotisserie, there are several things to keep in mind when considering building your own pig rotisserie. Unless you are a very adept handyman (or handywoman) it may be hard to build your own rotisserie for a large whole pig roast. A full size, adult hog can weigh over 100 lb. You need to make sure that a homemade device can hold this type of weight safely. While a suckling pig only weights 10 to 20 lb. or so, if you plan to build a rotisserie for a larger pig you will need to make it sturdy. The ideal solution is an actual welded metal frame which can be moved over your fire pit. If you or someone you know is handy with metal-working then this may be a realistic option.

    However, I have seen hog rotisseries crafted from some other pre-made items. Basically, what you need is a spit, which will hold the whole pig and which can be turned, and a frame or two side-posts which will hold the spit in place over your heat source. For example, one person I know built a rotisserie out of two old barbell holders which acted as the posts to support the rotisserie. They crafted a spit from a long piece of metal and attached it to an old washing machine motor to turn it. This contraption was not pretty but it worked perfectly and allowed them to roast great whole pigs and lambs.

Good luck finding the perfect hog rotisserie for your next pig roast!

Fire Pit

The best place I know of to buy whole hog rotisseries and other accessories for pit roasts is They are very helpful and have a great selection of supplies that are specifically designed for cooking with fire, either in your fireplace or over a fire pit. Their "Whole Hog" and "Rotisseries" section have many great products. Most of the rotisseries pictured on these pages are available from them.

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