Recipes for Grilling Pork

Grilling pork? Duh! What would a great grill chef be without some awesome grilled pork recipes to show off? Beyond the classic grilled pork baby back ribs there are a number of different cuts of pork that shine on the grill. From tenderloin to chops, pork is a natural griller.

I've even got some recipes for homemade bacon below you should check out. If you've never cured and smoked your own bacon, you are missing out on some of the richest flavors on the planet!

A couple notes about grilling pork: Most pork, unlike prime beef, is very lean. Loin cuts in particular (loin chops, tenderloin, etc.) have very little marbling of fat within the meat. This means that they can have a tendency to dry out and lack in flavor. This means that pork sometimes needs some help in that regard. One way to overcome this is to use a sauce or other strong flavoring ingredients to add flavor and some juiciness to your dish. Another way, which I really love to do when grilling pork, is to brine the meat first, sealing in flavor and juices. Chops and tenderloin alike all seem much better after a good brining.

Check back soon because I try to add new grilling recipes often!

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Recipes for Grilling Pork:

Apple Cider Brined Pork Tenderloin Barbecue Recipe - Pork tenderloin brined and flavored with apple cider is so succulent! The brining in this barbecue recipe keeps it from drying out and it stays juicy, tender and delicious. pork tenderloin
Bourbon-Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe - This grilled pork recipe is special for its smokey, sweet Bourbon glaze which is absolutely finger lickin' good! Easy to prepare, succulent and tender, yum!
Perfect Grilled Pork Chops - Grilled pork chops is a classic and hearty dish but this recipe turns up the volume of flavor, boosting it with a savory brine and aromatic rosemary smoke. grilled pork chops
Dry Rub BBQ Ribs Recipe - There are a lot of ways to cook BBQ ribs. This is one of my favorite basic dry rubs which is versatile and results in spicy, tangy grilled ribs that are so tender they are falling off the bone! bbq ribs recipe
Mojo Brined Grilled Pork Chops Recipe - Add a bit of Cuban flair to your grilled pork chops! This recipe is great accompanied by other Cuban specialities such as Maduros and garlicky black beans and rice. grilled pork chops recipe
Baked or Smoked Homemade Bacon - Home cured bacon is delicious! Take it from me, it is really hard to find store-bought bacon which even comes close in terms of richness of flavor and because you make it yourself you can cut it anyway you like, into thick strips or even into lardons to enhance hundreds of different dishes. Its not that hard actually! Can be made by a simple baking method or by smoking with aromatic woods.
Smoked Home Made Bacon - Using the same basic principles of the above recipe, you can make smoked bacon with any number of delicious smoking woods. Either in a grill or smoker you can infuse all the aromatic smoke, kicking up your homemade bacon to another level. Here are some tips on how to smoke your own bacon.

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