Grilled Lamb Recipes

These grilled lamb recipes range from the simple and obvious, to the more adventurous. For the most part though, lamb is a great meat that has tons of its own, unique flavor which lends it perfectly to simple grilling recipes that just let the meat shine, accented by a few fresh natural ingredients. Some people find the slight gaminess of lamb a bit off-putting but others celebrate its unique flavor.

A couple tips on grilling lamb: First, the strong flavor of lamb is great on its own, but some simple accompaniments can really make it shine. Some of the classic grilled lamb ideas come from the Mediterranean coast, particularly southern France and Italy. Practically any fresh herb that grows wild in those areas is a great accent to the flavor of lamb. Garlic, rosemary, thyme, savory, oregano… you can't go wrong.

Second, there is a duality to lamb. Lamb is great just barely cooked, still pink in the middle, like a good medium rare steak. It is also excellent cooked slowly over hours until it is so tender it is literally falling apart. This technique is used often in lamb stews, tagines, Indian lamb curries, etc. But lamb has trouble between these two extremes. If you cook it too much, but not slow-cooked for hours, it gets quite hard, tough and leathery quickly. So for most grilled lamb recipes, shoot for a medium rare doneness where the outside is nice and seared and the inside is still pink and juicy. The timing of this will obvious vary considerably depending on the cut of lamb you are cooking. A small loin chop will cook pretty quickly while a whole, bone-in leg of lamb will take even a couple hours (depending on its size and your cooking temperature) to get to the point that the innermost parts are medium rare.

Check back soon because I try to add new grilling recipes often!

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Grilled Lamb Recipes:

Grilled Provençal Lamb Chops – Provence in the south of France is one of the lamb meccas in the world. This is a great, simple recipe for rosemary lamb which can be cooked on a grill, barbeque, firepit or even on an indoor grill.barbeque grill recipe
Grilled Leg of Lamb on a Bed of Thyme – Another Provençal classic, the bed of thyme infuses the meat with awesome flavors. This is really quite simple and yet results in glorious, savory, succulent lamb. This is one of my favorite grilled lamb recipes.grilled leg of lamb
Grilled Oregano Lamb Chops – Another simple lamb chop recipe which relies on great, fresh raw ingredients. Most people think of tomato sauces when they thick of oregano. But its a natural with lamb as well! Delicious and quick to cook!.lamb chop recipe
Grilled Provençal Rack of Lamb - Rack of lamb is one of the most elegant and tender cuts of lamb. This herb-crusted rack is savory, tender and delicious. And its easy to cook!
Roast Leg of Lamb – This is a classic country French grill recipe for roast leg of lamb cooked on a fire pit rotisserie. I also give tips on how to cook it in your oven or grill.roast leg of lamb
String-Turned Leg of Lamb, or Gigot à la Ficelle, is a Southern French classic. There is nothing quite like sitting by the fire, enjoying a nice glass of wine while your dinner spins in front of the fire, filling the room with amazing aromas. Its really not as hard as it may seem!leg of lamb recipe

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