All About Firewood
...and cooking with fire wood too!

firewoodThe Firepit and Grilling Guru loves getting a nice hot firewood fire going in the fireplace or fire pit. Whether for warmth, ambiance, aroma, or cooking, there are so many things to love about real wood as a fuel for your fires. There is something so romantic, rustic and beautiful about a nice crackling fire.

Here I'd like to introduce you to some of the advantages of cooking with fire wood, in case you've never enjoyed that before. I'll also try to clear up some of the confusion about different types of wood, what their uses are, and which are the best fire wood types for cooking. I'll even cover buying wood, starting fires and others interesting topics.

  • Pros and Cons of Cooking with Wood - There are many advantages to cooking with wood on the barbecue or grill. There are some disadvantages as well so start here if you are deciding whether to cook with wood.
  • Best Fire Wood for Cooking or Fireplace - Here is some general info about types of wood and what to look for when picking the best fire wood for cooking in your fire pit or fireplace.
  • Types of Wood: What is the Best Firewood? - There are many types of wood on the market. Some are softwoods and others hardwoods. Some are fruit woods and others are not. Learn more about the different types of woods and what they are best for. Includes a long list of specific wood types for you to reference.
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  • How to Start a Wood Fire - This may seem obvious, but sometimes it can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks to getting your perfect fire roaring in no time! Also see our pages on proper wood stacking, fatwood fire starters, pine cone fire starters and fire starter logs.
  • Fire Wood Measurements and Sizes of Wood Bundles - Confused by all the nomenclature in describing how much wood you are buying? Whats a cord? Or maybe you want to compare prices from one place selling in bundles versus another selling cords or quarter cords. I'll help you decipher the different sizings of wood bundles.
  • Buying Fire Woods - Again, this may seem obvious, but prices, where to buy, sizes of bundles, and types of firewood can all get confusing. Avoid the confusion and start here.
  • Wood Storage Racks - Wood takes up space! Rather than let it clutter your home or porch, here are some ideas for making your firewood stack more orderly, attractive and functional.
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  • Smoking Woods - Not all woods are for burning alone. You can buy wood chips or small pieces of woods which are very aromatic to add aroma and flavor to your grill dishes. You've probably heard of Mesquite and Hickory, but learn more about them and how to use them here!
  • Alternatives to Firewood - If you want a quick fire to enjoy but don't have the time or energy for a full wood fire you can use firelog alternatives such as a Duraflame firelog, the new Java Log, made from recycled coffee grounds, or the TerraCycle Fire Log, made from recycled cardboard boxes. A natural gas fireplace is another alternative. I wouldn't recommend cooking on any of these options though!
  • Cedar Planking - This is a fun way to cook some dishes, particularly salmon, on the grill or barbecue, which gives it a beautiful, unique, smokey cedar aroma. Learn all about it and how to do it here!

Fire Pit

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