Campfire and Fire Pit Ring

campfireA campfire or fire pit ring is an excellent option for a fire pit you can build anywhere. They are the ultimate in a cheap fire pit! No, there are no bells and whistles, no fancy design, no super accessories, but they are easy and serve their purpose.

A campfire can be built anywhere you have a non-flammable substrate to base it on. This can be stone, dirt, sand, concrete or gravel. A simple indentation dug in the ground or a ring of heavy rocks (to prevent spillage and movement of the burning wood) can suffice for a great campfire fire pit. For more details on building a campfire see our campfire stone fire pit page.

A fire pit ring can mean several things. Less commonly, it can be used to refer to any ringed fire pit including a ring of stones or other materials to set off your campfire fire pit from the surrounding area. Most commonly a fire pit ring refers to a specific product made to enclose your fire. It is basically a simple short cylindrical piece of metal that has some openings on the sides. It sits on the ground and the cylindrical sides act as walls for your firepit, containing the burning wood. These can be place on the ground on a non-flammable surface pretty much anywhere. Think of them as a poor-man's portable and cheap fire pit. Rather than a bulky fire pit bowl with legs, wheels, a lid, etc., this is just the metal walls to contain your fire without the extra flair. Because of their small, compact size, these are great portable fire pits to bring with you on your picnic, camping or to the beach (but be sure to check your local laws regarding outdoor fires before starting any campfire or fire pit!).

fire pit ringA fire pit or campfire can actually be used for cooking if you get creative! Whether you use skewer cooking or lay a grill grate over the hot firewood embers, you can use your campfire or fire pit ring to grill up a delicious campfire meal!

If you want to learn about other fire pits you can take with you and use anywhere, see my portable fire pit page.

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