Brick Fire Pit Construction Is Easy!

Yes, if the Firepit and Grilling Guru can do it, so can you!

fire pit construction Fire pit construction is not that difficult, it just takes some supplies, some space in your backyard and a some time to work on it. Building a permanent brick fire pit is essentially the same as building a permanent stone fire pit with a few small differences.

I will not repeat all the detailed instructions for building a permanent fire pit here! For those detailed instructions, see my instructions for building a stone fire pit. Fire pit construction using bricks is essentially the same, with only a few differences.

Notes regarding brick fire pit construction:

  1. To build a fire pit with bricks, you don't need to find a source for building stone and don't need to pick out suitable stones. So in a way, building a brick fire pit is easier and quicker than with stone!
  2. You will need two types of bricks, fire bricks for the inner side of the wall, which will face the fire, and regular bricks for the outer wall. You can buy bricks at most home supply & hardware stores.
  3. Building the wall of your fire pit is essentially same as for stone, using mortar to secure your structure.
  4. The middle of your fire pit can be filled with more layers of brick and mortar; or alternatively, you can fill it with loose stones and mortar. If the thickness of your wall is not exactly an even number of bricks thick, don't worry! You can fill in gaps with rock and brick pieces as show in the picture.
  5. The cap or top of your firepit can be completed in various ways. You can use several rings of bricks as seen in this picture, or you can decorate the top with nice flat stones like Connecticut green stone. Get creative to make your fire pit attractive!
  6. Keep in mind that if you want to barbecue on your fire pit, you need to make it a size that you can find a grill grate that will fit on top!
  7. In working with brick you will frequently need to cut a brick to a smaller size to fill a gap in the circular fire pit design. Assuming you don't have a diamond blade saw or brick grinder handy, you can use a stone hammer and chisel to make a pretty clean break in your bricks. Remember to use your safety glasses when doing this so no brick shards get in your eyes!

Okay, are you ready to start? Lets go! Get started with the plans for Building a Permanent Fire Pit!

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