All About Charcoal

charcoal My absolute favorite ways to cook on an outdoor grill or fire pit is with charcoal or real firewood. The wood fire smoke aromas and flavor can't be beat! Cooking with coal may be a bit more messy and time consuming than using a gas grill, but it is definitely worth it. And besides, its fun!

There are many advantages to cooking with coal. I'll help you figure out the differences between different types of coal available on the market. You can figure out what fits your cooking style, personal preferences and budget. I'll also give you important tips on how to get your coal started easily and quickly.

What do you want to know about charcoal?

  • Advantages of cooking on a coal barbecue - As I said above, cooking on a coal grill is one of my favorite types of outdoor cooking. Learn about some of the advantages here.
  • Types of charcoal - We've all seen and probably used Kingsford brand coal that you can find in every grocery store. But there are more options! Learn about the different types and the advantages of each here.
  • Lump charcoal - For the grilling purist, this is the best fuel you can use. There are many producers and some things you should know about charred lump hardwood before using it.
  • How to get your briquets started quickly and easily - Many budding outdoor chefs shy away from a coal barbecue because of the added mess and time they take. But if you know a few tricks it doesn't have to be any harder or take much more time than firing up a gas grill. Here you'll find tips on getting your coal started and as well as getting it ready for cooking.
  • Chimney starter - A chimney starter is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your coal started without using lighter fluid or other chemicals. It's also one of the fastest!
  • Electric Starter - An electric coal starter is easy and fast too. No chemicals, matches or newspaper needed, just an outlet.

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