CharBroil Parts and Grill Accessories

charbroil partsChar-Broil is one of the most prominent producers of grills, barbecues and smokers. CharBroil parts and grill accessories are available to improve your outdoor cooking experience on your CharBroil grill or smoker or replace damaged or missing parts of your Char-Broil grill.

For your convenience I am going to list information about both the Char-Broil parts and accessories currently available to help your grilling as keep your Char Broil grill in tip top shape!

CharBroil Parts

  • Char-Broil, being the supportive company they are, have an easy way to buy replacement CharBroil parts for any of their grills or smokers! Go to the CharBroil parts replacement page! They have drop down menus to choose the product, product type and product series and model number for your specific grill. This produces a long list of replacement CharBroil parts available for your grill as well as their prices! Any of these can be ordered and shipped to you for prompt replacement! Just remember who gave you this tip!

CharBroil Grill Accessories

  • Dual Fuel Natural Gas Conversion Kit - Many of Char-Broil's new gas grills can be easily converted to a natural gas grill so that you can use your home gas line for your grill's fuel supply.
  • Rotisserie - The new rotisserie attachment fits on most CharBroil grills. It is motorized allowing you to easily cook delicious, juicy, evenly cooked roasts.
  • CharBroil Cooking Aids - CharBroil has several grill accessories to make your cooking easier and more complete.

    • A Chile Pepper Roaster holds your chile peppers upright for easy grilling without falling between the grates! Stuff them with cheese for a delicious melty, spicy treat!
    • A Cast Iron Griddle turns your grill into a flat cooking surface for bacon, eggs and stir fry.
    • The Rosado Tool Set includes a wood-handled stainless steel spatula, fork and tongs.
    • Cedar Grilling Planks allow you to add a smokey cedar flavor to seafood, poultry and vegetables. If you haven't tried cedar planked grilled food, you are in for a treat!
    • The Spice Stick holds four types of spices or spice rubs available at all times. Its hook allows you to keep it on hand for quick use while grilling.
    • Whiskey Wood Chips are produced from American whiskey oak aging barrels! They have a smooth, smokey aroma that compliments your grilling meats beautifully.
  • Triple Layer Grill Cover - These grill covers made specially for CharBroil grills are made from a special fabric which protects your investment. This CharBroil part is an absolute necessity for every grill to keep your grill clean, rust free and working well for many years!
  • Grill Cleaner and Restoration Supplies

    • First of all, you all need a Brush Hawg or Brush Hawg XL to help clean up after your grill cooking. They both have replaceable brush heads and stainless steel scrapers. Additionally, they have a grate lifter for easy removal of your grill grate, even when it's hot.
    • Char-Broil also supplies Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner and Stainless Steel Wipes which clean, polish and protect your grill.
    • They even have a Stainless Steel Restoration Kit with a spray on cleaner to remove tough build-up, a restoration compound to remove discoloration and repair the surface of your grill and a polish to buff, shine and protect your grills surface. Along with your grill cover, these will help keep your grill clean, attractive and functional for a long time.

The Fire Pit and Grilling Guru does not have any relationship with the Char-Broil® grill company!

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