Ceramic Grill

ceramic grillA ceramic grill is a unique and fun charcoal grill option for the serious outdoor cook. While most grills and smokers are made of metal and function just fine for most types of cooking, the ceramic type grills and smokers have some theoretical and practical advantages that make them very versatile. While their proponents argue that they result in juicier, more succulent and flavorful grilled and smoked foods, their detractors say they are a lot of hullabaloo over nothing and that they can't don't anything that a basic kettle grill can't.

I tend to be more in the former camp but can understand both arguments. While I agree that a good ol' basic kettle grill like a Weber grill is invaluable and can do just about anything with a little practice (at a price that can't be beat), for some applications a ceramic type grill is just awesome and make things easier and more efficient. Are they worth the extra tariff most command? Well, that is up to you. For the average summer weekend griller, maybe not. But for true grilling aficionados, these are serious cooking machines that are hard to beat in many respects.

Below are links to further information about ceramic barbecues and some of the more popular brands.

Ceramic Grill Topics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Type Grills: Grills of these type have some advantages over other grills that make them quite versatile. They do have a couple downsides too. Read about both here.

Big Green Egg Grill: The most famous of these types of grills is of course the Big Green Egg. Learn more about it and what makes it so well known and respected.

Primo Grill: The Primo Grill is also similar to the Big Green Egg in many respects but has a few unique differences that sets it apart from the Egg and the Grill Dome.

Kamado Grill: Most of these ceramic grill types can also be called a kamado, an ancient name for this style of ceramic cooking vessel. There are also brands by this name including Kamado and Kamado Joe.

Grill Dome: Another producer of fine ceramic type grills. The Grill Dome has a few minor differences from the Big Green Egg but is fundamentally the same idea.

Other Types of Ceramic Barbecue: Besides these most well known brands and types, there are a few other things to consider when it comes to ceramic type grills.

Fire Pit

One of the best places I know to buy supplies for cooking with fire is SpitJack.com. Besides being one of the best options for fireplace cooking supplies (fireplace grills, rotisseries, cranes, long-handled roasters, etc.), they have a uniquely chosen stock of other great accessories. Their own fire pit rotisseries for pig and lamb roasting are top notch and sturdy. They also have fire pits, firewood storage and splitting supplies and more! Ceramic grill options they carry include the stunning Primo Grill as well as the Kamado Joe. Check them out!

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