Campfire Cooking

campfire cooking

Campfire cooking can bring your campfire from a humble warmth provider into exciting new realms. First of all, its convenient and practical. Rather than lug around extra cooking gear, propane tanks or charcoal, use what you have out in nature to cook up a delicious camp cookout. Whether you are cooking up the bare essentials or going campfire gourmet, there are several tricks to getting the most out of your campfire fire pit. From a campfire grill, to campfire tripod cooking to using skewers and pie irons, there are many ways to cook on your campfire. Listed below are several ideas for how to get your campfire cooking going.

  • How to Build a Campfire - Learn some tips on how to build a campfire.

  • Campfire Cooking Equipment - Learn about some of the different types of equipment which will help you cook over your campfire or fire pit.

  • Skewer Cooking - One of the simplest forms of camp cooking. Simply skewer your food and roast it over the open fire!

  • Campfire Tripod Cooking - A tripod sits over your campfire and can help you cook in several different ways, from grilling to stewing in a dutch oven.

  • Campfire Grill - You can convert your campfire fire pit into a wood-fire grill. Learn a few tricks to make this work smoothly.

  • Portable Grills - If all else fails, you can always bring your grill with you on your camping excursion. Here is some more info on types of portable grills you can take with you on your hike and camping trip.

  • Smores! - What would a campfire be without some smores?! Well most of you probably know how to make these, but here are a few tips on how to make great smores on our campfire, in your fireplace or on a fire pit.

  • Dutch Oven Cooking - Great stewed meals that cook slowly over your campfire or fire pit.

  • Campfire Dutch Ovens - Learn more about the types of dutch ovens you can use on an open fire and where to find them.

  • Pie Iron Cooking - Crusty, Panini-like sandwiches and toasty desserts cooked right over your open fire.

  • Campfire Foil Cooking - Foil wrapped foods allow you to cook just about anything, even delicate vegetables, right in or alongside your outdoor blaze.

  • Campfire Recipes - Almost anything you can cook on a fire pit or grill can be cooked over a campfire, but here I will give you some ideas for how to make the most of your camp cooking.

Fire Pit

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