Building an Outdoor Fire Pit

Temporary Brick Fire Pit

brick fire pitAre you the do-it-yourself type and want to learn about building an outdoor fire pit? You can build a permanent stone or brick backyard fire pit or buy a pre-made portable fire pit. But if neither of these suits you, maybe you should consider a temporary brick fire pit.

A temporary brick fire pit is easy to make from supplies you can find at your local hardware store or home supply warehouse. Building an outdoor fire pit doesn't have to be hard, requiring special equipment or skills and you don't even need to hire professional masons or construction workers. Go find out how to build a fire pit.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a temporary brick fire pit:

  • Easy to make - No mortar, no cutting wood or bricks, no hammering. Just pile up your bricks or cinderblocks. Building a fire pit is easy.
  • Widely available supplies - You don't need a specialty store to find the parts. Any hardware or home supply warehouse store has what you need and they are inexpensive. And if you want to turn it into a fire pit grill, simply buy or find any grill grate that will fit on top!
  • Re-usable - While it is a "temporary" brick fire pit, you can use it a few times and then dismantle it. Keep the parts and rebuild it whenever you want a fun outdoor fire or grill.
  • building an outdoor fire pit

  • Fire pit cooking - A fire pit is fun just for the ambiance, but its even better when you can cook a delicious meal on it. Building an outdoor fire pit and fire pit grill are just as easy. Simply plan the size of your pit so that you can find a grill grate big enough to cover it. Once you have your fire going and some good wood embers to cook on, throw your grill grate on top and start cooking! Replacement grill grates are sold just about anywhere you buy grills and barbecues.

So what are you waiting for, go get your plans to build a fire pit and get to work! You'll have a great fire pit or firepit grill in no time.

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