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Anyone can build a fire pit! There are many types of fire pits. Most are simply an outdoor spot to build a fire and enjoy the warmth with your family and friends. There is nothing like gathering around the fire pit with a nice beverage on a pretty summer evening. If you design your fire pit carefully, and if you collect a few fire pit accessories or grill accessories, you can even use your firepit as a grill to cook or roast food. There is nothing quite like a good piece of meat cooked over a real wood fire! And who doesn't like roasting marshmallows on an open fire to make smores?!

Fire pit construction is not that difficult. You can build a fire pit, either a temporary or permanent one, from easily available materials, assuming of course you have the room for it in your backyard or elsewhere! How you build a fire pit depends partly on the location it will be placed, the materials you have available and whether you want your firepit to double as a grill. The links on this page will cover all that you need to get started with your fire pit construction!

If you aren't so much of a "do-it-yourselfer", don't worry! Some of these are pretty easy to make. But if you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can find pre-made and portable fire pits as well which are easy, work well and are the perfect solution for many homes.

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Types of homemade fire pits

  1. Campfire or simple stone fire pits - If you have an open space and a non-flammable surface, it is easy and quick to build a nice site for a simple bonfire-type fire pit. If you get creative, you can even rig up a grill over it or a tripod for Dutch oven cooking!
  2. Temporary Cinderblock Fire Pit - With supplies you can buy at your local hardware or home supply store you can build a sturdy backyard fire pit.
  3. Temporary Brick Fire Pit - Similar to a cinderblock fire pit, standard red bricks (or whatever you've got!) can be constructed into a nice quick fire pit to relax around or cook on.
  4. Permanent Stone Fire Pit - A stone fire pit has a nice rustic look to it, the perfect compliment to a pretty outdoor setting, the ranch or country home. Go to Part 1 of 3 parts to start! Or jump ahead to Part 2 or Part 3.
  5. Permanent Brick Fire Pit - Have a home with a lot of room? Installing a permanent brick fire pit is not that hard. If you make it the right size and find some grill accessories, you can even cook on your firepit!
  6. Permanent Firepit Grill - Some tips for building a specially designed fire pit which is ideal for grilling food over. Have an easy, constant source of firewood embers to cook over on a grill!
  7. Parrilla-Styled Homemade Grill - Ever thought of building your own grill? This inspiring parrilla-styled grill was submitted by a reader and it is ever so impressive! See the actual, original construction plans on the build a grill page.
  8. Other Homemade Fire Pit Options - Don't like the fire pits you've seen so far but still would rather not buy a pre-made fire pit? Here are a few more creative options for how to build a fire pit that may work for you!

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