Build a Brick Fire Pit Yourself!

Want to build a brick fire pit? A homemade fire pit is easy to make. While permanent fire pit construction takes a bit more time and effort, here you have a simple fire pit design so that anyone can quickly and easily build a fire pit.

If you are looking for instructions for permanent fire pit construction plans, see our brick fire pit or stone fire pit designs.

First of all, remember safety first! Never build a fire pit or start a fire near flammable materials or on a flammable surface. Use protective equipment when starting fires and use a screen cover to prevent flying embers from landing on a nearby tree or house!

To build a brick fire pit, you will only need a few easy to find supplies:

  • A pile of large bricks or cinderblocks - It is best to use larger, wider bricks when you build a brick fire pit so that the walls of your fire pit are sturdy. How many bricks you need will depend on the size of your fire pit, the size of the bricks, and whether you decide to have more than one layer of bricks for the wall.
  • A large round piece of sheet metal or other non-flammable material - This is optional. You will only need this as the bottom for your fire pit if you are building it on a surface which may be flammable or which you would not like to damage with the fire. If you are building the firepit on a solid, non-flammable surface like concrete, gravel, or dirt, you do not need a base unless you want to avoid blackening of the surface. The size of the metal should be about the size or slightly larger in diameter than the fire pit will be. To determine what size your fire pit will be, refer to step 1 below.
  • A mesh cover - Again, this is optional but recommended to prevent burning embers from flying out of the firepit. Depending on the size, dome mesh lids can be found where you buy grill accessories and fire pit accessories.
  • Round Grill Grate - This is optional but allows your homemade fire pit to double as an outdoor barbecue for fire pit cooking. The size should be about the same as the top of the fire pit and will help dictate the diameter of the fire pit. Again, grill grates can be found anywhere you buy barbeque or grill accessories.

How to build a brick fire pit:

build a fire pit

  1. Plan your fire pit design and size - The most important first step is determining the size of your homemade fire pit. Measure the diameter (width) of the area you have available. How many bricks you need will be dictated by the size. For a temporary fire pit like this, it is best to limit the size as a larger structure will be less stable. If you plan to use your firepit as a grill, find a grill grate the size you would like. You can lay the grill grate on the floor to mark out the size of the fire pit. The grate must slightly overlap the bricks on the sides of the fire pit to be secure.

  2. Build the walls of the fire pit - If you are using a metal base, lay the round piece of metal on the ground. If not, mark on the ground (with chalk or pencil) the circular space for your firepit. Starting with one layer, arrange the bricks around the circular base so that they are just touching or almost touching. If your bricks are cinderblocks with holes through them, align the holes up and down so that the walls do not have openings. After the first layer is arranged, add layers, one at a time, with the new bricks overlapping two bricks in the layer beneath. build a fire pitbuild fire pitContinue adding layers until the desired height. The height should not be too tall as it gets less stable the higher you get. Also, if it is too tall, you won't be able to see or feel your fire as well. Also, a grill grate will be too high over the fire or embers to get hot enough to cook. Picture a copper or cast iron fire pit, they are not that deep! Keep this in mind when you build a brick fire pit!

    Important Note: If you are using smaller bricks and/or have a larger sized fire pit, consider using an additional ring of bricks around the first to add stability and strength. As you can imagine, since this is a temporary fire pit and the bricks are not secured together, if anything bumps into them strongly, they can topple!

build a brick fire pit

Now your fire pit is ready to use! Simply start adding wood and light it as you would for any fire. For tips on getting fires started, CLICK HERE.

If you are done learning how to build a brick fire pit
and want to see other ideas for fire pit design and fire pit construction,
return to the How to Build a Fire Pit page.

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