Permanent Stone or Brick Fire Pit

brick fire pit

A permanent stone or brick fire pit is a great option for those of you with enough room on your land to build, or have build, a permanent fire pit to enjoy for many years! Most of the types of fire pits described on my Outdoor Fire Pit page are temporary or portable fire pits. However, for some of us, having a fire pit which is always there to enjoy year round is a pleasure we cannot do without. Read on to get a few tips about how to build a fire pit and the advantages of a stone or brick fire pit. For much more information on how to actually build one, see my Build a Fire Pit page, which has details on how to build both various temporary and permanent fire pits.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a permanent fire pit?

If well built, a permanent fire pit can give you many years of safe and comfortable fires. No more digging holes or wheeling around the portable pit. Simply build a fire pit and enjoy it for years. The only downside is that the space you devote to the fire pit is not usable for anything else if your yard is limited in room. Also, you need to occasionally dig out and dispose of the left over ash and debris to keep your fire pit usable.

What amount of room do you need to build a permanent brick fire pit?

That depends on the size fire pit you plan to build. In general, you want an open space quite a bit bigger than the outer circumference of the pit. It should be on flat ground. Also, it should be relatively open, without close overhanging branches or other flammable material nearby. Most people recommend placing it at least 20 feet (the more the better) from any other structures which may be flammable.

How can I build a brick fire pit for myself?

It is a lot of work but for the do-it-yourselfers amongst you it is a very realistic task to tackle. Once you collect all the needed supplies you can expect at least a few days of hard work to complete it. If you have help, it can be quicker. For detailed instructions and tips, see my section on How to Build a Fire Pit.

Can someone else build a fire pit for me?

Sure! In your local area contact contracting companies or masonry supply shops to find out people who have experience with this. There are many people around the world with experience with this. It is a relatively simple masonry task to assemble a fire pit so you don't need someone that specializes in fire pits as long as they know the basic design.

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