Big Green Egg Grill

big green egg grillThe Big Green Egg grill is clearly the most famous ceramic grill on the market. It has been around a lot longer than most of the imitators and its green egg appearance is almost iconic. The Big Green Egg is an outstanding ceramic grill and has all the features and advantages that you get from any good ceramic grill.

The thick porcelain-glazed ceramic construction makes these very heat retentive and efficient and it retains moisture very well. In these respects the Big Green Egg grill isn't much different from other brands such as the Primo Grill and the Grill Dome. It is efficient and has great temperature control. If you are looking for a ceramic grill, you certainly can't go wrong here.

Currently, there are 5 different sizes of the BGE to choose from. Traditionally they have had the mini egg, small egg, medium egg and large egg. Since the large egg is only 18" across the grill grate, many people complained it is too small for their use. It is about the same size as the smaller Weber kettle grill. The large Weber kettle is over 22" across. In response to these complaints, they introduced a new XL Egg recently, which is 24" in diameter. This is a huge monster for serious grillers! In truth, the large egg is probably fine for most smaller couples or families. But if you routinely cook for large parties or other groups of people, the XL is massive and plenty large for just about anything.

So is the Big Green Egg grill really the best ceramic grill? Or just the best well known?
Well, this depends on who you ask. It is certainly the best well known, partially because it has been around longer than most other major brands. However, devotees of this fine piece of grilling equipment absolutely swear by them, saying there is nothing better than the good ol' Big Green Egg. To be fair though, Primo and Grill Dome and others have their own devotees as well.

Is there qualitative differences between the different brands? Yes. The construction, ceramic type, thickness, shape, size and accessories can vary. But one is not necessarily better than the other, just different, it depends on what you are looking for. Are there qualitative differences in the performance of the different ceramic grills and how they perform? Probably not. If there are, they are probably subtle.

So is the Big Green Egg the best? Yes. Is the Primo Grill the best? Yes. What about the Grill Dome? Yes. They are all outstanding products that are very similar in many respects with some subtle differences.

Most ceramic grills have a number of accessories that help make them more versatile and easy to use. But the Big Green Egg grill has literally dozens of accessories, that they call EGG-cesorries, that make all kinds of cooking possible. There are various alternative grill grates, extender grates, grate holders, charcoal starters, indirect heating plates, ceramic cooking plates, drip pans, thermometers and on and on and on. You certainly don't need to spend the money on all these extras, but some are pretty cool and really make the use of the grill easier and more versatile.

Fire Pit

One of the best places I know to buy supplies for cooking with fire is Besides being one of the best options for fireplace cooking supplies (fireplace grills, rotisseries, cranes, long-handled roasters, etc.), they have a uniquely chosen stock of other great accessories. Their own fire pit rotisseries for pig and lamb roasting are top notch and sturdy. They also have fire pits, firewood storage and splitting supplies and more! Ceramic grill options they carry include the stunning Primo Grill as well as the Kamado Joe. Check them out!

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