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So you've got a grill, what should you cook? There are tons of great outdoor cooking barbeque grill recipe ideas out there. Some of them can even be done indoors or even in your fireplace! You'll find some of my favorites on these pages.

Generally, grilled food is best when it has a bold flavor that can stand up to the smoky flavors you get from the charcoal or wood. That being said, there are many fish and vegetables that work great on a barbeque or fire pit.

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For starters, try these great barbeque grill recipes for everything from simple grilled classics to more adventurous ethnic flavors:

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Other Firepit, Grill & Fireplace Recipes

Roast Leg of Lamb – this is a classic country French barbeque grill recipe for roast leg of lamb cooked on a fire pit rotisserie. I also give tips on how to cook it in your oven or grill. roast leg of lamb
Grilled Provençal Lamb Chops – this is a great, simple recipe for rosemary lamb which can be cooked on a grill, barbeque, firepit or even on an indoor grill. barbeque grill recipe
Grilled Oregano Lamb Chops – another simple lamb chop recipe which relies on great, fresh raw ingredients. Delicious and quick to cook!. lamb chop recipe
Grilled Leg of Lamb on a Bed of Thyme – Another Provençal classic, the bed of thyme infuses the meat with awesome flavors. Inspired by a traditional French recipe cooked in the oven, this barbeque grill recipe is really quite simple and yet results in glorious, savory, succulent lamb. grilled leg of lamb
Barbeque steak – cooking a basic steak is a staple grill recipe that everyone should master. grill recipe
Grilled Steak and Mushrooms – So I had some prime beef filet tails and morel mushrooms laying around. What did I do? Well I came up with a new recipe thats what! And it turned out delicious! steak and mushrooms
Grilled Thyme Poussin - a delicious and simple barbeque grill recipe for grilling young chicken (poussin) with fresh thyme. outdoor cooking recipe
Grilled Provençal Rack of Lamb - Rack of lamb is one of the most elegant and tender cuts of lamb. This herb-crusted rack is savory, tender and delicious.
Red Chili Shrimp Skewers - These super easy and fast shrimp skewers have a great balance between zesty, savory flavors and a nice caramelized sweetness from brown sugar. Make a lot of 'em, they'll go fast!.
Red Curry Grilled Duck - Cook it with duck pieces or a whole duck. Either way this is a delicious, savory recipe that utilizes red curry paste and coconut milk to create a finger-licking crust on this delicious grilled duck.
Spicy Grilled Skirt Steak - Skirt steak is an inexpensive option for grilled steak. But this is one of my favorite steak recipes of all! The spicy, rich flavors are thrilling and it is easy to make. skirt steak recipe
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks - What could be simpler or tastier than wrapping chicken in yummy bacon and smokin' it up to savory goodness?! My kids love these, but whether you have kids or not, I bet you can't just eat one! bacon wrapped chicken
Mojo Brined Grilled Pork Chops Recipe - Add a bit of Cuban flair to your grilled pork chops! This recipe is great accompanied by other Cuban specialities such as Maduros and garlicky black beans and rice. grilled pork chops recipe
Cajun BBQ Shrimp - I came up with this BBQ shrimp recipe after I was inspired by a recent trip to New Orleans. It may not be 100% authentic, but gosh darn is it delicious! Serve it up with plenty of other foods to sop up all that buttery goodness.
Lime and Anchovy Skirt Steak - This is a simple barbeque grill recipe that is delicious. Inspired by Mexican cuisine, it utilizes the simple flavor of lime to wake up the meat and add a salty tang.
Apple Cider Brined Pork Tenderloin Barbecue Recipe - Pork tenderloin brined and flavored with apple cider is so succulent! The brining in this barbecue recipe keeps it from drying out and it stays juicy, tender and delicious. pork tenderloin
Bourbon-Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe - This barbeque grill recipe is special for its smokey, sweet Bourbon glaze which is absolutely finger lickin' good! Easy to prepare, succulent and tender, yum!
Moroccan Grilled Quail Recipe - This is a great marinade full of Moroccan spices and other flavors for quail. It is delicious and richly flavored. You can try it with other game birds as well! quail recipe
Grilled Shrimp Recipe - Cilantro, lime and cumin are a perfect accompaniment to grilled shrimp and when you put them all together on this simple and quick grilled shrimp skewer recipe you get a delicious dish that will impress your family and friends! grilled shrimp recipe
Perfect Grilled Pork Chops - Grilled pork chops is a classic and hearty dish but this recipe turns up the volume of flavor, boosting it with a savory brine and aromatic rosemary smoke. grilled pork chops
Dry Rub BBQ Ribs Recipe - There are a lot of ways to cook BBQ ribs. This is one of my favorite basic dry rubs which is versatile and results in spicy, tangy grilled ribs that are so tender they are falling off the bone! bbq ribs recipe
Dutch Oven Braised Rabbit - Use a pot or dutch oven right on your fire pit, grill or campfire! This aromatic and tender rabbit (or poultry) is delicious and easier than it looks!
Grilled Oysters - Super easy finger foods for the grill! Grilled oysters are fast, easy and delicious. Try it next time you fire up that ol' barbeque!
Chorizo-Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates - These little treats are so easy and super delicious. Exotic flavors are not hard to achieve with these great finger foods. Just stuff 'em, grill 'em and pop 'em!
Big Ol' Grilled Turkey Drumsticks - There is something very primative about eating a whole grilled turkey leg. These bad boys are brined first to give them a great rich flavor and then glazed with a sweet, tangy sauce. turkey leg
Tequila Lime Grilled Chicken - I recently came up with this recipe with stuff laying around the kitchen. It turned out great and has been a big success with guests! Tangy lime, smokey tequila, a hint of honey....mmmmm!
Red Curry Grilled Chicken Recipe - This is a great and easy recipe that utilizes red curry paste to create a savory crust on this grilled chicken. Just a hint spicy, this turned out delicious and does not take a lot of time!
Bulgogi: Mongolian Grill Beef - This traditional Mongolian or Korean barbeque grill recipe is delicious and grills up quickly because the beef is thinly sliced. Wrap it up in a leaf of lettuce along with its savory dipping sauce and you've got a great Asian cuisine classic!
Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe - This is an easy and delicious barbeque grill recipe for finger food that is great cooked on the grill. Spicy jalapeños, filled with cheese and wrapped in smokey, crispy bacon! What could be more delicious?
Baked or Smoked Homemade Bacon - Home cured bacon is delicious! Take it from me, it is really hard to find store-bought bacon which even comes close in terms of richness of flavor and because you make it yourself you can cut it anyway you like, into thick strips or even into lardons to enhance hundreds of different dishes. Its not that hard actually! Can be made by a simple baking method or by smoking with aromatic woods.
Smoked Tri Tip - This is a simple but delicious smoked tri tip recipe that I threw together recently. It is really quite easy and doesn't take a lot of prep work. The only significant time is in the smoking, which really adds a nice rich, aromatic flavor to the spiced meat.
Smoked Home Made Bacon - Using the same basic principles of the above recipe, you can make smoked bacon with any number of delicious smoking woods. Either in a grill or smoker you can infuse all the aromatic smoke, kicking up your homemade bacon to another level. Here are some tips on how to smoke your own bacon.
Spiced & Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks - I really love the combination of the paprika and ginger spice with the smokey bacon. My wife simply said they are the best drumsticks she's ever had. You decide for yourself.
Pan Seared Steak - Yes, I know, the ultimate in a great steak is a grilled steak with all its smokey glory. But if you can't get outside or don't want the hassle, pan searing on a skillet on your stove is an excellent way to cook delicious steak with a nice crusty, seared exterior and a tender, juicy interior.
Grilling Turkey: Brined-Turkey - Want to spice things up this next Thanksgiving (or whenver you want some good turkey)? Impress your family and friends by grilling that big bird this year. Infuse wonderful wood smoke flavor into your bird while keeping the meat tender, juicy and succulent!
Barbeque Turkey: Glazed Turkey - A reader from Panama contributed this great smoked/grilled turkey recipe. The beer sauce helps keep it moist and the rich glaze and smoking woods both boost the flavor. This is another great option for your holiday bird or just about any time!
Grilling Lobster Tails - This recipe is simple and it just rocks! I've always wanted to recreate the amazing flavors of grilled lobster that I tasted in Cozumel years ago and I finally nailed it! The "best lobster" my wife has ever had! This barbeque grill recipe is hot off the press!
Whole Grilled Fish - Nature knows what it is doing! One of the best ways to grill fish is to throw the whole fish, scales and all, directly on the grill! The skin and scales protect the flesh from burning and drying out, acting as a protective outer shell while the flesh steams in its own juices inside. It is then easy to peal of that charred scabbard and dig in to the delicious fish!
Grape-Leaf Wrapped Grilled Sea Bass Recipe - Wrapping fish filets is another great way to grill fish, protecting the tender flesh while allowing it to steam in its own juices. I made this recipe up based on other leaf wrapped recipes and it turned out great. It doesn't hurt to have a great filet of sea bass to start with, but frankly this was better than most fish you can order in a restaurant!
Frog Legs Recipe - Want to try something a bit more exotic? Impress your friends by serving up these tasty morsels! Frogs legs are delicious and easy to cook. This is a southern French recipe that is quick and tasty.

Are you interested in cooking a whole pig or whole lamb? A whole roast is a festive event and results in good times and great food you will remember for a long time. Check out my barbeque grill recipe for a whole hog, Roast Suckling Pig, and Whole Roast Lamb. I also have a wealth of other information on how to pull off a whole pig or lamb roast on my Whole Pig Roast page

If you're in the mood for salmon, recipes for Grilled Copper River Salmon and Grilled Lemon Rosemary Salmon can be found at the website BBQ-FYI.com. At BBQ-FYI you'll find grill recipes for ribs, brisket, chicken and more, along with tips and techniques that will help you create great tasting foods in your barbeque grill.

Side Dish Barbeque Grill Recipes

Do you need some great side dish recipes to prepare on your grill? No problem!

Meat isn’t that only thing that tastes good with that smoky, carmelized flavor you get from a hot fire. Grill up some vegetables to compliment your main courses.

Some of these barbeque grill recipe ideas will allow you throw the vegetable right on the barbeque, others require some tin foil to separate them from the smoke or to prevent the small pieces from falling between the grates into your barbeque fire. Either way, cooking your sides right on the grill makes your cooking easier, faster and, most importantly, they are scrumptious!

grill recipe One of my all time favorites is Fire Roasted Sweet Bell Peppers. The smoky flavor, complemented by the syrupy sweet sauce thrown off by the peppers as they cook is delicious!
endive recipe For some European flair, try some Grilled Endive (properly pronounced “On-Deeve”). The bold, slightly bitter flavor blends beautifully with the grill flavors.
grilled potato recipe This Grilled Potato Recipe is simple and delicious. I came up with it quickly the other day when i was grilling a nice leg of lamb and the pairing was great!
fiddlehead ferns recipe Did you know you can eat fiddlehead ferns? I didn't until a few years ago but now I love to grill up these spring delicacies. This barbeque grill recipe for fiddleheads uses some smokey bacon and garlic to spice up these crunchy and tasty treats.
butternut squash recipe Puréed Butternut Squash is creamy and delicious! No, its not a barbeque grill recipe, but it compliments smokey rich poultry dishes beautifully! Try it with the ginger-tarragon roast chicken recipe.
roasted potatoes recipe Bacon Roasted Potatoes: I recently came up with this and it is both easy and delicious! I don't always do it in the grill, it is very easy to make in the oven as well. But these bacon roasted potatoes are a great side to any number of grilled foods..
grilled tomato recipe Grilled Tomato and Chevre Bruschetta - Grilling tomatoes really amps up their flavor, adding a smokiness as well as concentrating and caramelizing their sweetness. As a topping with goat cheese and basil, this makes an amazing bruschetta for summer snacking! Definitely a great barbeque grill recipe
grilled vegetable Foil-wrapped grilled vegetables stew gently in their own juices to create succulent, tender vegetables without drying out in the direct fire. This recipe is delicious, easy and never fails to impress the guests! Pretty soon you’ll be the grilling guru in your own household! Pair it with most any other barbeque grill recipes you find on these pages.
grilled vegetables recipe Organic Grilled Vegetables Recipe - Fresh, organic, healthy vegetables are beautiful, healthy and taste great raw, so why doctor them up and stew them to death? Just let their natural beauty and flavor shine through with this simple but fabulous way to prepare fresh veggies.
mashed potatoes recipe This mashed Potatoes Recipe goes a bit above and beyond the call of duty. This is a rustic Provençal gratin that incorporates celery root and garlic into a creamy dish with a browned crust on top that is delicious. Not your grandmothers mashed potatoes! Unless she was French of course!
grilling potatoes Grilling potatoes is fun and delicious. In fact, I like these much better than your standard baked potatoes as the skin gets a rich, smokey, crispy flavor that is just to die for. Smother them in butter and eat up!
grilled mushrooms Grilled mushrooms are even better than regular mushrooms! Why? Because adding that smokey grill flavor just amps up the flavor of the already earthy flavor of the mushrooms. This recipe is also remarkably easy and quick to make.
bernaise sauce recipe Bernaise Sauce Recipe - OK, so Bernaise isn't exactly a side dish, but it is a sauce that is a perfect accompaniment served over your favorite grilled foods, especially steak. This rich, creamy sauce is not as hard to make as many think so try it out!
turkey stuffing recipe Turkey Stuffing Recipe - Whether you are grilling a turkey, roasting a turkey or not even having a turkey, this rustic, hearty sausage based stuffing is the shee-nizzle! Quite simply my favorite stuffing recipe I've come across, this is delicious, even if it's not Thanksgiving!

Cured Meats

Although not cooked on a fire pit, fireplace or grill (and in many cases not cooked at ALL!), charcuterie, or cured meats and other products, are another important part of the cuisine I love. Many of the same culinary traditions that utilize fire and smoke to cook or preserve food also use salt, smoke and drying to produce wonderful cured products. Here are a few examples with instructions on how to make them, if you are adventurous!

Guanciale: Italian Cured, Dried Pork Jowl: This is an Italian classic, absolutely necessary if you are to make a true and authentic pasta alla carbonara. However, this cured jowl can be used in many ways, from cooked as lardons in a sauce, stew or pasta dish, to sliced and cooked like bacon, to sliced thin and eaten as is. Hard to find in the US, most of us need to make it ourselves if we want to experience guanciale in the US. guanciale

Fireplace Cooking

Last but definitely not least, I’ve got some great recipes for fireplace cooking. Some require special fireplace cooking accessories, but others can be rigged up pretty easily, especially the succulent string-turned meats

String-Turned Leg of Lamb, or Gigot à la Ficelle, is a Southern French classic. There is nothing quite like sitting by the fire, enjoying a nice glass of wine while your dinner spins in front of the fire, filling the room with amazing aromas. Its really not as hard as it may seem! leg of lamb recipe
Although string-turned lamb is a classic, if you are creative you can string-turn many types of meats in front of your fireplace.

String-Turned Roast Chicken - Here’s a recipe for cooking a chicken in your fireplace! While the delicious ginger-tarragon marinade is a Provençal French classic, I experimented and came up with the best way I could find to truss and hang a chicken for string-turned fireplace cooking. This recipe even has video of the cooking process!

roast chicken recipe
Dutch Oven Chicken and Mushrooms - You can make a lot of things in a dutch oven in your fireplace. This is an example of a classic French dish, Chicken with Vin Jaune with Morel Mushrooms. Delish!
How to Make Smores - Smores are an American classic! Whether you make them in your fireplace, on a fire pit or over a champfire, they are fun and delicious. You all probably know the basics, but here are a few tips on how to make them great.

Barbeque Grill Recipes:

For more information on cooking in your fireplace, see our fireplace cooking page.

I hope you enjoy some of these barbeque grill recipe ideas!!

That's it for my Barbeque Grill Recipe page but check back often as I try to add new barbeque grill recipes whenever I get the chance!

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