You Need a Barbecue Apron!

barbecue apronOkay, so let's be honest, a barbecue apron is not the most critical grill utensil you need to cook a great meal on your grill or firepit. However, for one thing, if we are entertaining we don't want to get our clothes all dirty with charcoal, dust, grease and sauces, do we? A grill apron helps protect your clothes. For another thing, wearing a cool grill apron leaves no doubt who is the grill-master at the party! Who doesn't look cool with a grill apron? And besides, grilling should first and foremost be fun. Its even more fun if you dress the part!

A grill apron or other barbecue-related gear makes a great gift for any grill lover!

You can find a cool grilling apron like the one pictured here, as well as t-shirts, mugs, beer steins, hats and pins with the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru logos, at

Another great source for cool and humorous barbecue related aprons, shirts and other paraphernalia is the Barbecue Section.

Pot holders

A barbecue pot holder or mit can save the hair on your arms! I've burned the hair off my arms one too many times. When moving the grill grate, tending to your charcoal or fire, or moving food on a hot grill you really need a pot holder to protect your hand and arm. This is an invaluable grill utensil to have at your disposal. Pot holder mits can be found anywhere cookware and kitchen supplies are sold.

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