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  • My New eBook!

All You Need to Know to Grill Great Food
in One Handy Resource!

Hello loyal Firepit and Grilling Guru Fans! I have great news!

I have just released my first eBook, entitled Becoming a Grilling Master: 10 Steps to the Shaolin Temple of the Grilling Guru!

My book gives you all the info you need to be cooking great grilled meals in no time. Have your friends and family lining up for seconds!

My book covers everything from the basic setup and use of a grill through more advanced techniques to cook a huge range of grilled foods. I share all the tips and tricks that it has taken me years to refine with you so that you can prevent making common grilling mistakes and produce succulent, delicious meals that you never thought possible on a grill.

"My husband has been wanting to learn to grill for years, so I bought him a grill for his birthday last year. Unfortunately, after a few less than perfect attempts it has sat mostly unused and just taking up space on our patio. I gave him your [the Firepit and Grilling Guru's] book and now he is out back every few days trying new things and it has all been great so far!"

Minneapolis, MN

If you buy now, along with the book chock full of photos and step-by-step how-to instructions, you get bonus material! Included with the eBook is an additional book of "Five Perfect Recipes and How-To's", because every beginning griller needs some classic dishes to test out their new skills on. Additionally, you'll get access to exclusive video content on my website that is not available to the general public, demonstrating some of the skills described in the book.

Don't waste any more food! Don't let another day go by without knowing how to use your grill properly and cook awesome grilled foods. And it of course makes a great Father's Day gift to the father in your life who needs to learn more about cooking on a grill.

"Your ebook provides a thorough explanation of grilling that will get beginners off on the right foot, and gives more experienced grillers great tips for refining their technique. Nice job!"


Becoming a Grilling Guru is now available as a PDF eBook that you can download immediately, for only $24.00 (US). Finally you can have all of my best grilling tips and tricks in one easy to access reference.

Order your copy now!
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Or Learn more about my new eBook before you purchase.

Don't forget to stock up for father's day and summer on all your grill and fire pit related supplies!

Here are a few places you should check out that have a great selection of "cooking with fire" related items:

Fire PitSpitJack is a great online retailer that sells all sorts of tools for food & fire. They have all the basics like fireplace tools, wood storage and fire pits. But what makes them really special is that they have hard to find fireplace cooking items like fireplace grills and fireplace rotisseries! They also have big outdoor rotisseries for next spring or summer's pig roast.

Shop FirePitShops.com Today!The Fire Pit Shop has dozens of choices of fire pits and outdoor chimneys. Get warm this winter with a nice outdoor fire pit to cozy up next to!

Shop GrillsDirect.com Today!Grills Direct stocks virtually every major brand of grills, barbecues, fryers and smokers. While it's probably too cold in most areas to grill right now, this can be a great source for gifts for your grill loving friends and relatives.

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Want to share your homemade firepit photos or your fire pit design ideas with other visitors?
Here I am looking for either instructions for how to build a fire pit to supplement the tips I already have on the site OR you can just show off your homemade fire pit! Send me pictures if you've got em and tell us all about your homemade fire pit. I am sure my visitors would love to learn from your experience!

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