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  • Long Absence
  • Grilling Turkey!
  • Fireplace Cooking Supplies for Winter

Long Absence

I know, its been way too long. But with a new baby and a new house to move into I've been pretty busy! I'm hoping to get more newsletters with fire pit and grilling tips out to you as soon as I get back in the swing of things!

Grilling Turkey!

It's almost Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day as most people call it! While you all probably already have you dinner plans set, I thought I'd share some tips with you that might help out.

I've been getting several people ask me "Mr. Guru, how do you grill a whole turkey? I tried it once and burnt the heck out of it and the inside was as dry as a desert!"

Well in response I've posted two new pages that address the subject!

First, I've got a new How to Grill a Turkey page which has general tips on how to grill a big bird, or any very large roast for that matter, which helps keep it flavorful, succulent and juicy. You can't just throw that whole big turkey straight on the grill on direct heat or it will be charred to death long before the inside is cooked thoroughly. And even then, the inside will likely be dried out. Tips such as brining the turkey to seal in flavor and juices, using smoking woods, using indirect heat (a must!) can all help perfect your turkey grilling skills.

I've also posted a page with a Grilling Turkey Recipe that includes a brine recipe and step by step instructions on how to grill that wonderful holiday bird.

I've just posted these pages recently and don't yet have photos of the process, but I'll post some as soon as I can! So even if you've already planned your Thanksgiving festivities for this year, check back and maybe they can help you plan next year.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy Thanksgiving!

Featured Fireplace Cooking Products for Winter Cooking

Fireplace Grills

If you haven't figured it out already, I LOVE cooking in my fireplace. There is something so romantic and rustic about cooking a hearty meal right in your cozy hearth. There are many ways to cook in your fireplace, many of which are discussed in my Fireplace Cooking section. Without any special equipment you can cook string-turned roasts. But if you want to get a bit more fancy this winter, you can buy some fireplace cooking accessories that take it up a level. A fireplace grill or rotisserie, pictured above and discussed below, also makes outstanding winter holiday gifts for a loved one who loves to cook with fire.

SpitJack.com is a great resource for all your cooking with fire accessories including fireplace cooking supplies. They are the only good supplier of fireplace grills that I know of. They carry three different models of fireplace grill as pictured above. All of them work in basically the same way. You start a firewood fire in your fireplace and as the wood burns down and forms a core of embers you place the grill over the heat. You can then grill foods right there in your fireplace as you would on a grill or barbecue! It's that simple! Imagine your guests faces when they see you cooking their dinner right in your fireplace!

The three models are called, from left to right, the SpitJack Fireplace Grill, the Hearth Grill, and the Cast Iron Tuscan Grill. While the Tuscan Grill model is a model of simplicity, it is not adjustable. Both the SpitJack and Hearth grills are adjustable to change the height of the grill over your heat source. The SpitJack model is a modern model which is the ultimate in design and functionality while the Hearth grill has a more rustic, old-fashioned look.

Fireplace Rotisseries

SpitJack.com also carries a line of outstanding and classy fireplace rotisseries. Beautifully designed, these rotisseries sit right in front of your fireplace, slowly rotating your roasts in front of the heat. Available in both clockwork, cranked and electric models, these sturdy cast iron devices are beautiful and functional. They can hold two independent spits so that you can cook more than one thing at a time. These allow you to slowly roast larger cuts of meat that don't work well on a fireplace grill. Leg of lamb, roast chicken, beef roasts, game birds...they are all perfectly suited to the SpitJack Fireplace Rotisserie.

I hope my site and these accessories help you get ready for the Winter cooking season! They also make great holiday gifts for your favorite cooking lover!

Don't forget to stock up for the summer on all your grill and fire pit related supplies!

Here are a few places you should check out that have a great selection of "cooking with fire" related items:

Fire PitSpitJack is a great online retailer that sells all sorts of tools for food & fire. They have all the basics like fireplace tools, wood storage and fire pits. But what makes them really special is that they have hard to find fireplace cooking items like fireplace grills and fireplace rotisseries! They also have big outdoor rotisseries for next spring or summer's pig roast.

Shop FirePitShops.com Today!The Fire Pit Shop has dozens of choices of fire pits and outdoor chimneys. Get warm this winter with a nice outdoor fire pit to cozy up next to!

Shop GrillsDirect.com Today!Grills Direct stocks virtually every major brand of grills, barbecues, fryers and smokers. While it's probably too cold in most areas to grill right now, this can be a great source for gifts for your grill loving friends and relatives.

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