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Contents of this issue of the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru Guide

  • What's New at the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru - New Articles
  • We've got video! - Video guides to grilling techniques and recipes
  • Question from email: Smoker cooking on your propane bbq

What's New at the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru

Its spring! While some parts of the country may still be thawing from the cold winter, spring and then summer will soon be upon us all. You know what that means! Now is the time to start preparing for grill and firepit season! Hopefully you've enjoyed some fireplace cooking over the cold winter, but soon we'll all want to be outdoors to enjoy the nice weather.

That means that now is the time to start preparing. Get your grill and fire pit in order or get a new one. Make sure you've got all the supplies and accessories you need. And finally, start thinking of the delicious grill recipes you want to enjoy and share with your friends and family! The Fire Pit and Grilling Guru has lots of information on types of fire pits and grills and tips for cooking on them.

Here are some recent articles which have been posted to the Firepit and Grilling Guru:

All About Indirect Heat Grilling Indirect heat grilling allows you to cook larger roasts slowly on your barbecue so that they turn out thoroughly cooked, juicy and tender. I give tips about the benefits of indirect heat cooking and detailed instructions on how to do it!

All About Direct Heat Grilling You guessed it, if indirect heat is good for slow cooking larger roasts, then direct heat is ideal for fast searing smaller cuts at high temperature. If you want a perfectly done rare or medium-rare steak which is brown and caramelized on the surface, yet tender, juicy and red in the center, this is the way to go.

All About Infrared Grills Many people don't even know what an infrared grill is yet. This is a relatively new technology which creates an intense direct heat source. It is super hot! These are available on many new gas and natural gas grills and are ideal for quick searing of foods.

Check Our Newest Articles Page for More New Articles! Our newest articles page lists new articles as soon as they are uploaded! Never miss an article by simply checking back frequently.

We've Got Video! Video guides to grilling techniques and recipes

Video is the new craze on the internet and the Fire Pit and Grilling Guru is jumping on the bandwagon. So far I have 4 new videos to help demonstrate recipes and grilling techniques:

The Charcoal Chimney Starter A charcoal chimney is my favorite way to get my charcoal going quickly, easily and safely. It doesn't require any chemicals and is re-usable. See a video of how to use a charcoal chimney here.

Roast Leg of Lamb on a Fire Pit Rotisserie This demonstrates the recipe and technique of spit roasting a leg of lamb on a fire pit rotisserie.

Fireplace String-Turned Roast Chicken String-turned roasts in front of the fireplace is nothing new. String-turned leg of lamb is a classic from the south of France. However, here is a new twist (pun intended). A delicious recipe of roast tarragon and ginger chicken cooking in front of the fireplace. This can be cooked in an oven or on a grill too if you don't have a fireplace or if it is getting too hot for an indoor fire.

Spicy Grilled Skirt Steak This is one of my all-time favorite grilling recipes. The spicy marinade is perfect with the skirt steak and is delicious charred over coals or wood. The video shows you how to do it.

Email Question: Smoker cooking on your propane bbq

A visitor forwarded me this question:

I am interested in converting an old propane bbq into a smoker - is this even possible? I've done a very frustrating google search!

Please advise!

Thanks, "Up & Coming Culinary Student"

Hello "Up & Coming Culinary Student"!

Thanks for contacting me, I always love to hear from my visitors!

Yes, you CAN use your propane bbq as a smoker. Basically, the key is using indirect heat cooking and using a wood smoker box or tin foil filled with smoking wood chips or chunks to supply the wood smoke. You can use any smoking wood you choose. Mesquite and hickory are very popular but there are many other unique flavors to choose from. Some of the other varieties you can often find on the market include apple, pecan, maple, pear and others.

I actually don't have much info on my site up yet regarding smoker cooking, but there is another site I know of that should have the info you need. Smoker-Cooking.com is a great site for how-to's and lots of smoking recipes. He has an answer to your question posted at http://www.smoker-cooking.com/gasgrillsmoking.html

I have a bit of info on indirect heat grilling (what it is and how to do it) on my site on my Indirect Heat Grilling page.

I hope this helps. I am eventually going to add some info on my site as well about smoker cooking so check back often!

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